Finding My Way

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Yoga and healthy living have been a part of my life for decades.  But a shift began to take place in 2014.  Raising a family, working full-time and accumulating stuff was taking its toll. So I decided to make some changes.  I began to declutter-allowing only the things I truly love back into my home. This created not only physical space but clarity in ways I never anticipated. That clarity led to yoga teacher training and a regular meditation practice. Next was replacing chemical filled products with essential oil-infused alternatives. We shop and eat local, supporting our community and bodies at the same time. Replacing material possessions with experiences, I have traveled the world embracing my wanderlust spirit.

The Wandering Yogi is the next step on my journey. A place to share my passions:  yoga, healthy living, the outdoors, travel, community and minimalism. I believe that when you live with intention, you can create the life you want. My Ojibwe roots have led me to seek mino bimaadiziwin-the good life and my desire is to share this with you.

Julie Craddock