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I Don’t Want to #getbusyliving

The last few years have been hectic by all accounts.  Raising my tribe, getting divorced, making time to find love again while moving my professional career forward and building a flourishing part time yoga business. My life could easily be described as “busy” and yet I still wanted to travel, never miss a monthly book club meeting (my book club is ahhh-mazing) and find the time to maintain my own personal yoga practice. And so #getbusyliving became my mantra.

But in the last few months I have felt a shift.  I don’t actually want to be busy living.  In fact I want to be mindful, to slow things down, find time to pause and settle into stillness.  I want to chase the sunrise and the sunset across the globe but I don’t want to be busy while I am doing it. I have created a life that includes time to disconnect, to walk not run. Where every day, every moment is an unknown opportunity to grow and transform. What I am living is a life unscripted.

And so #getbusyliving no longer resonates with me. Instead I am  living my best life ever-the one that feels on track, completely aligned and present. Like everyone we have our moments of chaos, but its on the surface.  Deep inside there is a quiet happiness, knowing that in this moment, in this unscripted life of mine-everything is as it should be.



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