Cabin No. 2

It’s been almost a year since I ended my marriage.  A year full of twists and turns, highs and lows, chaos broken by a few moments of calm.  My beautiful yoga teacher Marianne Wells once said, the magic of life happens in that quiet moment between breaths.  The silent pause at the end of the inhale, just before the exhale.  Those words stuck with me and I clung to them often during the last 12 months.  Desperate to find answers in the stillness.

I found that same sense of peace and clarity at my sister’s cabin.  My safe haven, on a little lake coincidentally named Little Lake.  This gem is shaped like a heart-not a perfect heart  but one that is a little jagged and rough around the edges.  A heart shape similar to what I think mine must look like. One that is strong because of its flaws, that allows the light to shine through because of its cracks.

My best memories of the past year have happened at The Cabin.  Road trips with my tribe, holiday celebrations, birthday parties and quiet walks. Sipping wine by the fire pit, watching my kids enjoy our long ass Canadian winter on the frozen lake, epic puzzle competitions and finding my way back; to me, to my kids, to my family.

To love.

My life today looks nothing like it did a short while ago.  I feel aligned.  In sync.  Not just with the world around me but with myself.  That authentic self.  The one we try to suppress. To bury. To hide.

This March my sister bought Cabin No. 2.  Located on the same property as The Cabin, this new place will continue to provide our family with many treasured moments. And just as I went through my own personal transformation, so too will this little cabin, on a little lake.  I am excited to watch how my sis and brother in law will work to find the character inside these four walls and bring it to life.

You can view the progress by following @cabin_no.2 or “capture the unknown”  at Mother Nature Lures 

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