Creating (Even More) Space

I teach a workshop a few times a year on how to cultivate more space in both the  physical area around you (home, office, car) as well as removing some of the mental clutter we all carry.  Using yoga as a means to explore our relationship with stuff, we work towards letting go of attachment.  The result is often a desire to simplify schedules and routines, to get rid of the clutter and an inner journey that leaves my students thinking about old beliefs, toxic relationships and ultimately leads them on a journey towards self love.

I thought I had this minimalist thing pretty locked down. In 2014, I did a massive purge of my home removing almost 70% of our stuff.  I recycle, de-clutter and donate on a regular basis.  But we are always a work in progress and this past year has taught me a lot. As my marriage of 10 years came to a end, I realized I too was holding onto to some inner baggage and needed to challenge old beliefs.  And so I did what I always do in times of turmoil.  I dug deeper into my personal yoga practice, surrounded myself by my tribe and prepared myself for the work.  Personal transformation does not happen without some heavy lifting and so I bunkered down to prepare for the storm which was now my life.

I am lucky in the sense that I place a lot of faith in the Universe.  I also have some very deep connections with a few select people who hold my foundation together when I feel as though it is about to crack.  And I have children, who despite what life throws me are always my biggest fans (and still need to eat, require drives and remind me daily that I have a job to do as their mom).

A week ago I moved out of our family home and into a condo.  From 2600 square feet to just over 600. And so the de-cluttering process began again.  After weeks of looking at my personal belongings through a new lens, very few items made the cut.  Amazingly the more I released, the more energy I began to feel.

Over the last year I have had to let go of what I thought my life was going to look like and embrace the life I am meant to be living.  I have peacefully said good bye to my home, my married name, some friendships (and a few that let go of me) and have parted ways with a lot of my belongings.

By doing this I have created more space for the people, values and things that truly matter to me.  And I now believe love grows best in little houses.

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