An Alaskan Adventure aboard the Wonder

I am a traveler who loves her backpack, hiking boots and an off the grid location.  I am also a mother of four, the youngest being 8 years old.  When Alaska moved up to the number one spot on my bucket list, I did something I never thought I would do-I booked a Disney cruise.

I have brought my youngest to over 10 countries. Seeing and experiencing parts of the world that called to me.  He is a trooper-sleeping in airports, taking the red eye, staying in places with no electricity and no WiFi and holding my hand nervously as we walked past protests.  And he never complains.  He has my yogi spirit of go with the flow.  A Disney cruise was my way of giving him a vacation geared towards kids but in a place that I knew would feel a little remote.

We boarded the Disney Wonder this August in Vancouver for a 7 day cruise. I had some trepidation walking onto the ship, surrounded by grown men and women wearing various Disney clothing, Mickey and Minnie ears and a lot of kids in matching outfits. At that moment I knew I had a choice-embrace it or survive it. I choose to keep an open mind and be grateful for the experience.

As we made our way to our stateroom, I was relieved to find that the ship had a classy nautical feel to it, not a cartoonish one. The room was small but well laid out and had everything we needed.

Disney costs a little bit more but the service, the quality of the food and the volume of activities was well worth it.  From movie theaters, to Broadway quality performances, waterparks and kids clubs there is nothing this company hasn’t fine tuned.  Dinners are rotated at different restaurants and the servers follow you.  By the end of our cruise, our head server and assistant knew exactly what our son would like to eat, drink, when to bring ketchup, what type of sprinkles he liked on his ice cream and when he started to get bored they would entertain him with the magic tricks.

Our ports of call were Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan and we participated in some land excursions and took time to get off the ship and wander the streets of these unique towns and cities. We went whale watching, hiking and kayaking and truly got a feel for the vast wilderness that is Alaska.

In the end every hesitation I had about a cruise and a Disney cruise at that, was put to rest.  It was a magical way to see a place that really is one of the last frontiers.


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