Facing My Fear

I have been weaving the theme of fear into my classes lately-both my personal practice and the ones I teach. Challenging myself and my students to find their edge and then instead of moving away from it, moving towards it.  We can become very comfortable sitting in a place of comfort. Sometimes that is what we need-the calm.  But when we stay in that place for too long, calm becomes complacent and instead on growing we settle for playing it safe.

Whether we are clinging to fear because of childhood experiences or fear of rejection, one thing is certain-fear will always tell you what you can’t do.  It will limit your joy, happiness and experiences.

In my practice I have been working on arm balances and inversions.  After an embarrassing face plant in crow a while back and a shoulder injury, I had moved away from these to stick closer to my mat (and the ground). But the time has come to quiet the ego and open the mind. Literally changing my view so I can change my perspective.  Next week I am heading to Peru, spending a few days in the Amazon.  I am afraid of snakes and so this trip too will be an opportunity to get comfortable with fear and to replace it with courage.

Fear keeps us playing small, limiting our hearts and minds and preventing us from moving forward.  And so I will go upside down and balance on my arms and travel all over the world, conquering my fears, opening my heart and living life to the fullest.


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