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Why Creating Space is the Key to Happiness

I am by no means an expert on anything.  I have 4 kids and while most days I feel like a pretty good mom, I certainly have a lot to learn. The kids remind me of that daily. I teach yoga-and receive a lot of positive feedback from my students but first and foremost, I am a student of the practice too.  I’ve been married twice so maybe I could say I am a marriage expert, or maybe not : )

But without any credentials to my name, I will say for certain that by creating space in your body (and heart and head) and by eliminating the clutter from your life (home, office, car and even some people ) you will open up room for the things that you truly love.

The shift in our house began a few years ago when we started to empty out the rooms in our home, selling and donating what had served it purpose and only allowing the items we truly loved back in. Without spending thousands on a fancy reno, we re-painted and with the clutter gone, we love our home (in fact what I once thought was too small a house for our large family, I now feel its too big).

A regular yoga practice supports creating space in the body and allows me to tune out the outside world for a bit so I can listen to my own intuition.  With space in the body and mind, creativity flows and the answers to those hard questions often surface while I am on my mat.

We have let some relationships drift away without drama, choosing to surround ourselves by people who lift us up rather than drag us down.  A reason, a season, a lifetime.  Everyone has a role to play.

I recently hosted my Slay Your Day: For Dreamers and Doers workshop where we use yoga as a means to create space, find the calm and work towards eliminating the physical stuff, the mental clutter and the over-scheduled agendas.  It sold out.

So maybe I am a bit of an expert after all : )




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