This Little Trio of Travellers

As a simple first step on your journey with essential oils, we recommend a trio of lavender, lemon, and peppermint, three of our favourite oils. They will provide you and your family a compelling experience with the life-enhancing properties of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Looking to begin your essential oil journey? Connect with us and let us introduce you to the world of EO!


  1. Place a drop under your pillow or on your feet for a good night sleep
  2. Add to the dryer with your sheets for a peaceful night
  3. Perfect to support a range of skin irritations by applying topically with a carrier oil.
  4. Diffuse to reduce anxious feelings
  5. Relax in a lavender and epsom salt bath


  1. Perfect for digestive health by applying topically with a carrier oil
  2. Apply to temples and back of neck for tension headache
  3. Apply to feet for cooling
  4. Diffuse for a pick me up
  5. Add to smoothies and bliss balls for a minty hit!


  1. Add to warm water each morning for cleansing & detoxifying (without damaging your teeth enamel)
  2. Use in vinegar & water bottle to clean your home
  3. Use on stings and bug bites
  4. Diffuse to freshen & uplift
  5. Add to bliss balls & smoothies


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Slay Your Day: For Dreamers and Doers

We are at a really sweet spot in our life right now-having full-time jobs we love, creating The Wandering Yogi , which has grown from an idea into this amazing space where we can share stories, practice yoga and connect with our local community.   We have been presented with opportunity after opportunity and we are so grateful. But the road ahead wasn’t always so clear.  And so we had to clear it to find our way.

Last weekend I was hosting a workshop and I had the opportunity to share my story.  I spoke of how creating space in the body, mind and soul as well as in the space around (yes-the physical attachments) opens the door for amazing things to come.  The universe has a hard time navigating through clutter.

And so on this cold and snowy February day, I am diffusing uplifting essential oil blends as I move through the house finding the items that will be donated or recycled. I have a yoga date with myself to create some space in the body and my day timer is open so I can plan properly for the week ahead.

And then I’ll sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and see what the universe has to offer.  I’m really hoping its a date with Patagonia or Bhutan : )