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When Opportunity Comes Knocking

For anyone that reads my blog (thank you by the way) you know that I love to travel and that sometimes I have a hard time being patient (instagram and Facebook don’t help).  With 2018 being full of travel plans, we had decided that for the first 5 months of the year we were going to stay put and embrace the Canadian winter.  And we were determined to stick to that.  But then opportunity came knocking.  In the form of a yoga teaching vacation through Fitness Pro Travel. And so we will be heading to the beautiful Mayan Riviera in Mexico to soak up the sun and surf and bring my love of yoga to my fellow travellers.

Just like my introduction to Essential Oils was unexpected and changed how we live, so has becoming a yoga teacher (I did my YTT with Marianne Wells in 2016).  What started out as a form of stretching 10 years ago has turned into a part-time job that I love and that flows perfectly with the other things that feed my soul: travel, healthy eating and living an authentic life. Yoga and teaching yoga has become part of me.

Most importantly it has taught me to listen to the universe…and when opportunity comes knocking to always answer the door.

Hasta Pronto Mexico!

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