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Galapagos with Kids in Tow

It’s -20 degrees outside (at least according to my car) and that has me day dreaming about warmer times.  We have been in work and save mode for most of 2017, which means our travel was limited to just one big trip.  Knowing that we decided to check a big item of our list of amazing places in the world we want to see.  And the Galapagos did not disappoint.

We choose to book with G Adventures a Canadian owned and operated tour company for a few reasons.  They have been doing adventure travel for a really long time.  I love what they stand for and felt good knowing that my costs would be supporting families in the country I was visiting.  My only complaint-and I have told them this in survey after survey I fill out for them-is there are not enough family trip options (that being said we are travelling with them on their family Peru trip in May).

We arrived in Quito, Ecuador and quickly understood why the travel articles we read said be prepared for anything.  In a single day we would go from polar fleece to bathing suits to sweatshirts and back to t-shirts.  The weather is unpredictable but comes with stunning views of the Andes.  We stayed in Quito for a few days, travelling to hot springs in Papallacta where we hiked, ate like locals and soaked in the varying temperature waters.

After a few days touring the capital we boarded an Avianca flight and headed 500 miles into the Pacific to the capital of the Galapagos-San Cristobel.  We were travelling with 3 other families of different sizes and had 14 in our group all together.  When we arrived we were met by our CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) George.  Our son Jacob took an instant liking to George who knew everything there was to know about this foreign land.

Over the next 8 days we swam with sea lions, marine iguanas, reef sharks and even a Galapagos shark.  We snorkelled in Tortuga Bay with giant turtles and visited a sanctuary for tortoises.  We ate from local vendors and found happy hour every night.  We hiked, jumped off rocks into the cool waters that usually only sees locals and took high speed boats from island to island.  We tried to mimic the dance of the blue footed boobies and learned about Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Our trip to the Galapagos wasn’t a vacation, it was an adventure.  For now we are bundling up, trying hard to embrace the Canadian climate while thoughts of Peru, the Amazon and Machu Picchu keeping us warm, for the time being at least.







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