The Time is Now

I am often asked by new yogis, old friends and sometimes random people, where they should start in living a more balanced, authentic life.  Sometimes they have a specific date in mind or a milestone they want to reach first before making any drastic changes.  As we begin to close out one year and start another, I hear time and again the words “in the new year.” I have a different approach to healthy living: start today.

If you want to be healthier, create more space or time for yourself, drink more water…why wait?

Here are three ways you can start to lean in to a healthier lifestyle:

1. Start With Your Diet:

Changing your eating habits and making adjustments to your diet can have the greatest impact on your health.  We shop local as much as possible, buy organic when we can and choose grass fed, hormone-free meats as much as we can.  Yes sometimes we succumb to the lure of fast-food (hockey tournaments wreak havoc on our diets) but as much as we can we choose foods that nourish us.

2.  Get As Many Toxic Chemicals as You Can out of Your Home:

Not all cleaning products are created equal.  Some are harmful to not only you and your family but the environment as well.  When we do buy products, we choose natural cleaning supplies.  We have  replaced scented candles with diffusers and use a variety of essential oils for our everyday needs.  The natural chemical properties of the oil make them so versatile.  Powerful cleaning agent-yes. Replace over the counter medications-check.

3. Clear the Clutter:

I am passionate about the connection between clearing clutter in our physical space to allow for more space in the body and mind.  How can you cultivate your passions when you can’t even get in the front door of your home?  When my physical space is filled with stuff I feel heavier and weighted down.  By filling our home with the things we truly love and letting go of the things that have served their purpose (maybe?) and are no longer adding value to our life, we have created a space we love.  And this makes us happy. And calm. And allows the creative juices to flow.

This time of year can be hard on the body and mind.  Too many late nights, too many glasses of wine, too many things to do.  But you don’t have to wait to look after yourself.  Today I ordered a large water with my coffee.  I had steel cut oats and a handful of raw cashews for breakfast. I said no to the bacon and eggs that were being offered in the cafe. And when I get home I’ll be adding a few more items to the box in the garage waiting to be donated.  No waiting for the new year for this yogi mama.


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