Cultivating Patience

I am not a patient person.  When I set a goal-I want to reach it. Now.  Before we head off on one trip I am already planning the next one.  Excited to begin the next adventure before the one I am on is even finished.

The last 8 months has been an exercise in patience.  After travelling to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in late March we have been housebound.  By choice-but it doesn’t make it any easier for a wanderluster.

We decided that 2018 was going to be a year of travel.  But that meant 2017 was going to be a year to save.

I have had to dig deep to resist the urge to just book a trip.  My husband has had to listen to me rationalize why we should just go. Now. Anywhere.  He reminds me often of my long term goals (Patagonia is calling) and his concern we need to replace our roof.  I am grateful most of the time for his practical outlook. I am the yang to his yin.

My yoga teacher training with Marianne Wells taught me so much about finding balance.   The last few months has driven that lesson home. Travel & be home. Spend & save. Needs & wants.  She taught me about staying in the present moment-not always looking ahead at whats to come or dwelling on what has passed.  When I feel the pull to just whip out my credit card and say fuck it lets go, I come to my mat.  There is nothing like a headstand to change your perspective. Or a grounding class to well…ground you.

And so this summer we camped-a car ride, not flight away.  We’ve been checking out some local restaurants, hiking in the Conservation areas close to home. We often have a sweat date at our local gym around the corner from our house.

The snow has started today and I feel the tug to head somewhere warm.  But instead I am pulling out the winter coat, hat, boots and preparing to embrace the Canadian winter.

Peru is in May.  I am 90% sure I can last until then.

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