The Magic of Meditation

I have been practicing yoga for a very long time.  I listen to my body and move it in a way that works for me. I know that when my mind is calm, clarity comes. I use my time on my mat to help prepare me for the rest of my day.  For some reason though, my relationship with meditation has not been easy.  I had images in my head of having to sit in stillness for a very long time.  It didn’t seem like this was where the magic happened, it felt more like an exercise in misery.

This changed for me when I embarked on my yoga teacher training with Marianne Wells.  During my time in Costa Rica, each new day was greeted with 1 hour of silence.  It was a time to turn off our voices so we could connect with ourselves.  Prior to arriving, I gave this hour on the agenda barely a second thought. As I moved further into my training, this hour of silence every morning became a highlight  In the quiet moments of dawn, clarity, purpose and compassion showed up.  Without effort, without force.

As my training ended I made a promise to myself that in the chaos of life, I would find calm.  I make time to connect with nature, often hiking solo listening to the sound of the breeze.  I find moments of stillness on my mat-drowning out the sounds around me by focusing on the inhale and exhale. And sometimes I sit in meditation, waiting for the answers to come.  And they always do.  That is the magic of meditation.

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