Stop Apologizing for Being Busy

It’s seems like lately the word “busy” is under attack.  We talk about simplifying our lives, living mindfully, being present.  As a student and teacher of yoga, I embrace finding stillness and finding your breath.  But I am also 100 % ok with being busy.  In fact I embrace that too.

As a mother of 4 I have a full schedule.  Add on a full-time job, my yoga class schedule and running our own small business and some days there just isn’t enough hours to get through the to-do list.  Everyday there are chores and tasks that don’t get done.  And so they don’t.  No stress, no guilt, no worry.

We all find our energy in different ways.  But for some reason us “busy” people seem to be on the defensive.  My inbox is filled with articles on how to say ‘No”, do less, find the balance. But what if my balance includes a full schedule.  What if I want to be busy (gasp)?  What if I want the book of my life to be a novel (a long one) instead of a short story?

I am not a sitter, a tv watcher or a lounge about’er.  I am not running away from something or someone.  I am not using busy as an excuse or avoidance tactic. My demons and I came to an agreement long ago. I am however a daydreamer, a nature lover, a traveller and a yogi. I love wine and good friends.  I love a good sweat and an even better stretch and finding my breath. I love my family.  And while it may seem like I am cramming too much in, for me it’s about maximizing my time with the work, people, things, experiences I love.  And for that I won’t apologize.

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