The Story of a Table

When we began to get serious about our “stuff” and commenced the process of simplifying our lives and creating more space, I started to look at my possessions differently.  I would ask myself why I was keeping an item, if I got rid of it would I really regret it (I didn’t want to have to buy something again) and most importantly did I love it.  When the time came to tackle our dining room I knew the answer right away.  I didn’t have a lot in that area but what I did have I didn’t love.  We had bought the furniture and fixtures when we first moved in, determined the house would be fully furnished one way or another. And so I listed the table, chairs, light fixture and rug and sold them online.  The space remained empty and I vowed it would stay that way until I found a table I really loved.  I wanted it to be locally made and a one of a kind piece of art.  A salvaged tree with a live edge. I wanted it to feel as though we had a tree in the middle of the house.

When I came across a small Canadian owned company called Tree Green Team I knew I had found the company that would make my table.  What I didn’t know at the time was that I would have no idea what my table would look like until the finished product.  After waiting weeks for my tree to go through the process of being made into a table, I was sent a photo of what would be the final product.  My heart sank.  I didn’t love it.  After living with an empty space for months I didn’t know what to do.  I called the owner and explained my dilemma. The pictures of my table were beautiful but I knew in my heart it wasn’t the table I wanted.  To my surprise the owner was amazing, assuring me that she wanted me to love the table and that if I could wait, she would find me the perfect piece of wood.

And so we waited a few more weeks.  When I received pictures of what would become my table I knew immediately I had made the right decision.  After spending so much time creating a space I loved, I would have been betraying myself accepting anything less.

Needless to say we love our live edge table in the middle of our house. We share meals here, watch our children do their homework and hang out with their friends here, see the cat lounge about underneath it, as if he is finding shade under a tree.  We have had parties and drinks and deep conversations about life at this table. It is the first thing we see as we walk through the door and is a constant reminder to be patient, listen to your inner voice and create a space you truly love.  Who knew a table could be so much more than just a table.

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