Creating Space (Amidst the Chaos)

I have been on a journey of creating space in our home for quite some time.  I am constantly challenging myself to buy less, experience more and really look at the possessions we own.  Not a lot makes the cut and there is always a box waiting in the garage to be donated, filled with the “stuff” we can live without.

I thought I had this “de-cluttering” stuff down pat until I went to see Courtney Carver speak a few weeks ago in Toronto.  Courtney is someone I respect-giving away most of her possessions, quitting her job and moving her family into an apartment.  She talked about attachment but not just to the physical belongings we own.  Attachment to old emotions, limiting beliefs and perceived hurts can also add to the clutter we carry around.

Armed with this new awareness I am now working not on de-cluttering my home (really there’s not a lot left to get rid off) but on de-cluttering the soul.  Letting go of what I don’t need through yoga, essential oils and self-reflection (and yes sometimes with a glass of wine).

Creating space on the outside is pointless if you are holding on limiting beliefs. I have a tattoo on my forearm that says “I am the hero of this story.” When is the last time you asked yourself what you wanted your story to be?


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