Patagonia Dreaming…..

Patagonia has haunted my imagination for the last 3 years.  Ever since I watched the movie 180 Degrees South, I have been fascinated by what seems like one of the last frontiers on earth.  I love to hike and camp and this vast untamed wilderness encompassing parts of Chile and Argentina calls to me.  Last year during my Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica I met a fellow yogi who lives on the Chilean side, literally in my bucket list.  Her Facebook photos and updates taken in her own backyard only deepen my desire.

Patagonia is not the easiest or cheapest place to get to.  And with two big trips planned for 2018 it my not come off the bucket list anytime soon.  But for me, dreaming of the places I want to explore, with the people I want to explore them with is part of the fun and if nothing else gives me something to work towards. So for now, I will continue to read and dream about this magical place on the planet…and I’ll be putting all the spare change I can in the travel fund.  Often the things we desire the most are the hardest to reach.  But that too is part of the journey.

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