Loonies and Toonies and Travel…Oh My!

One of the most common questions we get asked is how do you travel so much with kids?  Well first off, we don’t travel that often.  A vacation or two a year is the most we can afford in both cash and time off our jobs (and away from the Canadian Kids Hockey Schedule-not really a thing but any Canadian momma with kids in hockey knows what this is!).

But we do have a philosophy that has worked well for us:  work hard.  As soon as we save up enough for flights or a deposit we book our next adventure.  And then we work. Hard. We pay cash for the flights and then we figure out the rest-often nickel and diming (or in our case saving loonies and toonies) our way to some pretty amazing destinations.  We take extra shifts at work, teach more yoga classes (bootcamp for my hubby), cut back on household expenses where we can and sometimes just put it out to the universe to help us come up with the cash.  And if the universe doesn’t answer, the people at Visa always do.  We have paid for some trips in full up front and some we have still been paying off long after the flight home.

We’ve also found some on location tricks as well.  We always find hotels that include breakfast and we eat…a lot first thing in the morning.  Lunch is always a grab and go and there isn’t a country we’ve been in that we haven’t been able to take advantage of happy hour.  Having kids with you means you can order dinner off the kids menu or we just split a meals. We often buy our own alcohol when we land so we can enjoy a glass of wine in our room without the high cost of room service and by staying in lower star accommodations we can travel more or for longer.  And no souvenirs! Because we aren’t leaving for months at a time we try to enjoy our trip and not worry about every cent we spend.

As I write this the loonies and toonies are being collected, Peru (Machu Picchu) and Alaska have been booked (deposits in cash).  The rest….hopefully the universe answers this time.  But just in case I’m working overtime all weekend : )




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